I want to work with developing the way we humans live by creating the environments of the future. Today, buildings should not only protect us from the elements, but also promote health and integrate a growing amount of technology. This creates as well new challenges as opportunities in the architecture sector. With my background in architecture and lighting, and an interest in both the technical possibilities of smart homes and the psychological aspects of how people want to live, I see myself working at a company that aims to draw more than a shell for diff erent activities, which has a broad approach to the design and aims to create environments that will surprise, inspire and are specifically designed for
their use.

Experienced in
2D and 3D CAD drafting, BIM modeling, light planning, visualisation, concept development, 3D animation,
SLR photography, photo- and videoediting, underwater photography, 3D printing

Computer skills
AutoCAD, Revit, Relux, Ecotect, ArchiCAD, Maya, SketchUp, Rhino, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Excel, Premiere Pro, Cura

Swedish, English and Russian fluently. Basic knowledge of Italian and some beginner-level knowledge of German.



Architect at Svenska Hyreshus : 2013 - Present
Stockholm, Sweden
• Concept, proposal, and building permit drawings, and sales material in ArchiCAD
• Visualizations in ArchiCAD, Maxwell, and Photoshop
• Concepts for, and documentations of, color schemes in InDesign
• Project planning and communication with municipalities and builders
• Development of type houses suited for a wide target group
• Creation of 3D printable models, and 3D printing using an Ultimaker 2

Master Thesis on Architectural Lighting Design at Tyréns : 2013
Stockholm, Sweden
• Design and execution of experiments in lighting laboratory
• Documentation in Revit, AutoCAD, Photoshop, and Illustrator
• Data analysis in Excel and constitution of the academic essay

Architect/Intern at Fokus Arkitektur : 2012
Märsta, Sweden
• Building permit drawings in AutoCAD
• Hand drawings of proposed plans

Architect at Charles Wright Architects : 2011
Port Douglas, Australia
• Concept, proposal, building permit and construction drawings in Revit and AutoCAD
• Customer meetings and project planning
• Photographic documentation and site measurements
• Visualizations in Revit and Photoshop
• Transforming the workflow from AutoCAD to Revit, including graphic profile and parametric families

Architect at ITN Architects : 2010 
Melbourne, Australia
• Concept and proposal drawings in ArchiCAD and SketchUp
• Visualizations in SketchUp and Photoshop

Architect/Intern at Arkape AB : 2009
Sollentuna, Sweden
• Concept, proposal, building permit and construction drawings in ArchiCAD
• Planning and ordering of kitchen interiors
• Photographic documentation and site measurements

Swimming teacher for Stockholms Stad : 2004 – 2010
Stockholm, Sweden
• Planning and implementation of swimming lessons for children and adults



Master of Architectural Lighting Design and Health, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden 2011 - 2013

Master of Architecture, RMIT (exchange studies through KTH), Melbourne, Australia 2010

Bachelor of Architecture, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden 2008 – 2010

Bachelor of Architecture, Lund University (first year), Stockholm, Sweden 2007 – 2008

Italian, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden 2006

Swimming Teacher, SLS, Stockholm, Sweden 2005

High School Social Sciences, Rudbecksskolan, Sollentuna, Sweden 2003 – 2006


Elected positions and Social engagements

Election Committee Member - BRF Träklossen 2, Sollentuna, Sweden 2013 - present

Board Member - BRF Träklossen 2, Sollentuna, Sweden 2012 - 2013

Event Manager - Företagsgruppen, ISH, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden 2012

Host - KTH Haninges Arbetsmarknadsdag, Stockholm, Sweden 2012

Swimming Teacher - Turebergs Simklubb, Sollentuna, Sweden 2003 – 2010



My foremost interests apart from architecture and design are travelling, photography, dancing, diving and trying new activities.

Swedish driving licence
PADI Rescue Diver




References will be provided upon request