Design can be a lot of things, that is what fascinates me about it. We design spaces, objects and experiences, all to fulfil one or another need or desire of someone.

Below you can see some examples of projects I have worked on so far, in reverse chronological order. The portfolio contains as well developments I have been involved in at different companies, as university projects and private designs. For a summary of projects I have worked on as an architect, see the main portfolio page.

In most cases you can click on the picture to get more information about the project. For designs done during my education in Architectural Lighting and Health at KTH, you are able to view the entire workbooks that were developed during each course.



Projects at Svenska Hyreshus

One of the projects i have worked on in 2015 is Fyrklövern in Upplands Väsby, Sweden. The project will consist of town houses in a suburb of Stockholm, and be a part of transforming the center of Upplands Väsby to a denser city environment. We have been working on as well the project itself, as shaping the city plan of the area together with the Municipality.



Life in General - 2D animation

As a final project for an online course in Aftereffects, at Högskolan i Jönköping, I created a vignette with a character I drew back in 2010. I aim to animate short comedy clips, starring Deedee in the future.


Projects at Svenska Hyreshus

During 2014 I worked with many different projects simultaneously. The project pictured on the left was a proposal for an area with cheap housing, in the south of Sweden.


Underwater Videography

We were lucky to get close up and personal with a pod of dolphins on a live-aboard in the Red Sea, and I got to a take video of those beautiful creatures, that you can watch by clicking on the picture.


Underwater Photography

I am often photographing while diving, and you can see more pictures by clicking on the image on the left. This night picture of a Lion Fish at the wreak of Thistlegorm in Egypt, is one of my favorite images from 2014.




Projects at Svenska Hyreshus

Banjon in Norrköping, Sweden, was one of the first projects I worked on at SHH. The project is located in an area called Kneippen, and the color scheme of the project has been inspired by early 1900s buildings close by.


Master Thesis on Architectural Lighting

During the spring of 2013 I wrote my master thesis on how people experience light.

The aim has been to see how people experience different light levels, when they can not compare them to other lighting.

Visual experience and visual acuity was tested in the light levels 500 lux and 150 lux.

The results show that a lower light level than normally can be accepted as good when the subject is unaware of what the level is. This suggests that when designing lighting experiments, efforts should be made to minimize the influence of participants expectations on the results.



Lakeside Installation

In December 2012, new lighting was installed at Rudan recreation area, as part of a course in lighting design at KTH.

The aim was to showcase how the, by many considered scary, pathway between the train station and Lakeside youth center could be transformed into a pleasant environment.


Halloween Animation

Two years after my first try at animating in Maya I decided to take an online course at Högskolan Väst in order learn more and speed up my own tests. The animation on the right was my final project for that course.


Daylight House

This project focused on creating attractive dwellings for older people. It was focused much on the process and investigations rather than the final result, and we had the chance to work with different light analysis in Ecotect.


Förskolan Stallet

The remodeling of an old stable into premises for a kindergarten was one of the projects I drew during my summer internship at Fokus Arkitektur.


Luminaire Design

“As my favorite light I imagine one that is “alive”, swaying
with the tiniest gust of wind, like the open flame of a candle.

Reminiscing of the safety of the campfire it will provide
further comfort by changing its color appropriate to one’s
mood - to suit or to endorse positive change. “


The Luminaire was exhibited at Etage 1 in Stockholm and mentioned in Tidningen Form (nr. 4, 2012, sid. 89) and in Titti och Ammis blog.


Light Planning

The final project of our indoor lighting course was about light planning for a study environment. We have created a lighting plan for Karolinska Institutet in Flemingsberg, with the concept "Gradient privacy by light". From a very public atmosphere at the entrance, the light gradually shifts character, to provide a more private feeling as you make your way through several spaces to the small study rooms seen on the left.


Daylight Design

The first project of my forth course at the lighting laboratory was about designing a building that could function with daylight as the only light source.

Our idea in the project has been to let light create and define, rooms, giving each one their specific character.


Sustainable city - Stockholm

A competition entry for Skanskas Sustainable Cities challenge.

My idea is simple;

Build monorails that stop at any given location in a continuous system above the big roads around Stockholm.

Build buildings hosing clubs, storage facilities and similar functions around the roads as sound and pollution barriers.

Build housing outside the buffer buildings.

In this way locations that are reached without changing form of transportation can be maximized, attractive space for housing is created, and an environmentally friendly form of transportation that is less time consuming than driving is provided.



Studying light

During the third course at the Lighting Laboratory at KTH, there was no actual design project. Instead we were doing theoretical lighting studies, and writing workbooks as usual.

My study was about peoples experiences of light at a conference center with dramatic differences between light and darkness.


Connecting People - light in Nynäshamn

The project of the second module this year, at The Lighting Laboratory, was to make a full-scale lighting installation in Nynäshamn.

I was working on lighting up the telephone tower, together with five fellow students, and our aim was to give the tower a specific nightly identity in a far scale, as well as a close one.


Fire and Ice

During my first course at The Lighting Laboratory, KTH, we got the task to design a lighting machine. We chose to improve an unused space under a set of stairs, and our concept ended up being as follows;

As there are already many nice spaces in school with a
lot of daylight, we are not looking to make a space that
has lots of light, but more a contrast to this, provide a
change of atmosphere, a place for new ideas.

Here you can choose to read a magazine in the focused
light while enjoying the dimmed atmosphere around, or
curl up and relax in the warm, soft light of the hideout


My first own apartment

Coming back to Sweden after more than a year i Australia I got my first apartment that was not rental but actually mine to do what i wanted with.

Generally I really liked it with its four big windows, but apart from needing to be repainted there were two issues that bothered me about the space. First, the single room had just a few to many odd corners, and secondly I had gotten used to the comfort of a separate bedroom while living spaciously in the tropics.

To me the answer was simple, building a wall. This solved both problems as the main room got a more pleasant shape while a small bedroom was created. And that´s how I ended up living in a 2-room apartment of 27 square meters.



Chessboard for 4 players

One evening I and a friend quickly discussed if it could be possible to make a playable chess game for 4 people. This thought stuck in my mind, so a bit further on I gave designing one a go.

The result can be seen on the left. The placement of tiles in relation to each other is identical in the round and octagonal designs. The octagonal design might make it easier to grasp movement and placement of pieces at first sight, although I personally do prefer the round design. I have laser cut the boards from my own drawings, while the pieces are borrowed from a few other chess sets.

Pieces are to move in the same way as they do on a normal chessboard, going from one side or corner to the opposite of each square. Figuring out what is "straight ahead" or how for example a horse is able to move might be confusing at first, but becomes obvious quite quickly.

We are still testing the board to figure out potential issues and whether the game is best played everyone against everyone or with two teams each consisting of the two players sitting opposite each other.


Rainforest House

This project was an addition to an existing house with remodeling of the pre-existing interior. I was responsible for this project from the first meeting with the costumer to finishing the proposal drawings while working at Charles Wright Architects.

The house is located of the grid in the rainforest and apart from new living areas the addition also consisted of a fully-enclosed laundry room that is partly dug into the ground and meant to double a cyclone shelter.


Stamp House

One of my favorite projects that I got to work with at Charles Wright Architects, in Port Douglas, Australia.

This house is built on a piece of land which was once filled with water, but was drained long before the project started. The ambition was to recreate the water environment around the hose once it was built. As it is located in the rainforest in far north Queensland it has been designed to provide a comfortable and safe living environment although the water is likely to become part on the nearby crocodile environment. The house is completely run on solar power due to its of the grid location, and is built to withstand cyclones. It is well suited for its environment with a play of indoor, outdoor and semi-enclosed spaces.



Visitor Centre at Cairns Botanical Gardens

Another project, that I really enjoyed working on, with Charles Wright Architects.

The visitor center was designed to reflect its surroundings to fit well into the garden environment.


Parametric Revit Families

While working at Charles Wright Architects, apart from designing new projects I was also responsible for transforming the workflow from AutoCAD to Revit, which included transferring the graphic profile and constructing parametric families that could be used in several projects.

I found that there were quite interesting possibilities with parametric interior models and played around with making more general ones that can be widely customized and show up nicely in as well 3D as 2D in my spare time, a few of those have been uploaded to .



Costal House in Victoria

One of the projects I was involved in, while working at ITN Architects in Melbourne, Australia.


Green Star Primer

My studio project at RMIT in Melbourne focused on designing a multi residential development according to the Green Stars Primer scheme, achieving a rating of 5 stars.

Through working on the project, I developed a deeper understanding for as well good ways to design environmentally friendly buildings, as to the reality that the view of what sustainable buildings are does differ a great amount between Europe and Australia. I also realized that while following a rating scheme ensures a certain quality level, it does become quite limiting about innovative solutions when a specific rating needs to be achieved.


Atmospheric Animation

This was the first time I created an animation, and also the first time I used Maya.

Starting with a concept derived from a song, and a model of a pavilion from a previous project, my aim has been to create an atmosphere where time seems to start running away.


What do we hear?


The soundscape course at RMIT consisted solely of listening to different environments, and interesting discussions. As the course was aimed at starting to develop an almost subconscious understanding of the qualities in different sound environments, it is hard to point exactly on what it communicated, but you can wave a look at some of the sound analysis’s I made around the campus.



Conceptual Photography

- Not only beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we perceive the world the way we are used to, and only notice what we expect.

That is until at one point in time… most likely for no apparent reason… our attention shifts… and we’re amazed.

Amazed by seeing something familiar, where we did not expect to find it. Whether present in nature, man-made, or simply an optical illusion of objects lining up in the exact right way, the idea of this image sticks… and we start searching… searching for similar frames.

The more attuned we get to this search, the less we need to find to see what we’re looking for. The slightest resemblance to the original image, that caught our attention, can set our thoughts of… And thus, we have altered our way of perceiving the world.


New Nobel Museum in Stockholm

As my final project for my bachelor's degree of architecture, I designed a Nobel Museum on Blasieholmen;

Like a massive chunk of ice, washed up on shore, the Nobel Museum rises above the docks of Blasieholmen. Shimmering in blue, white, and glass that reflects its surroundings, it speaks to the water just at its sides.



A Meeting Place

In our third city planning course, the task was to develop an area of our previously drawn city plan further.

I worked on creating a square and the buildings around it. The square is to become the node for the new neighborhood where people, as well as different forms of transportation meet.



City Development

For our second city planning course at KTH, the task was to evaluate and plan how the city of Stockholm could be continued across water to neighboring suburbs in one continuous city scape.

My group group was working with the Danvikstull area southeast of the city center, and we aimed at creating continuous walking ways from the city and natural meeting places.


Remodeling a Square

The city planning year at KTH started off with a crash course where we were to remodel an existing square in Stockholm.

I got to work with Norra Bantorget, and chose to redraw the car traffic in order to create a continuous space that could be used for different happenings, and concentrate the bus stops to one smaller square.


Townhouses in Södra Skogen

While working at Arkape AB, Stockholm, Sweden, one of my projects was a new development area south of Stockholm.


Luxury Townhouses

The task was to design townhouses in Nacka, among beautiful natural surroundings. I drew the houses as social meeting places, with bedrooms on the top floor. The bottom floor contains an open plan space that houses the kitchen, the living room and a jacuzzi, and can be opened up toward the garden.


Folding Pavilion

A one week project about testing how different forms bend, that we put together to a idea pavilion.


Wedding Chapel by Light

To design a wedding chapel on the roof of a hotel, a task that instantly got me thinking of what atmosphere I wanted to create.

I decided to work with letting the light shift color throughout the day by using tinted glass in different angles.

The light shifts from warming yellow in the morning, through calming blue during mid-day, to mystical purple in the evening.



Park Library

My first design of a large scale public building, an "Idea Store" library in Fittja, south of Stockholm.


Water Pavilion

A short course to design a pavilion, mine is to be below water to let people watch the life that is normally only seen by divers.


Future House

This was my first multi-residential building. My inspiration came from the site, an open and sunny space that has a lot of nature and is well shielded from all surrounding houses accept a parking garage.

I chose to place the house close to the north border of the site to preserve a big, sunny, open space, and also to give all apartments their own terrace.

The concept for the facade is inspired by "the wooden clock", that can project numbers from within on a seemingly normal piece of wood. Applied on the house, this material would give a natural wooden impression during the day, while being able to light up as a media facade at night.

Another thing I found interesting in making a terraced house, was trying out how the deeper apartments can be planned to ensure sunlight for all vital rooms.



A townhouse that is fitted into a thin block in the city center of Lund in southern Sweden.

This project was interesting as windows were only possible on the short facades, and light thus had to be brought in here. Building a 1:50 scale model from out of wood was also a quite interesting experience.


Mini House

A tiny little house on wheels, this was a real test in how small spaces are actually possible to live in!



The West House

A residential building designed for a fictional customer, at a site in Lund, Sweden.


Arts and Crafts Garden

An arts and crafts inspired garden designed for my architectural history course.


Museum Pavilion

If the Furniture House in Japan by Shigeru Ban became a museum, it would require a information pavilion. This is the design for such a building.


Beach House

My first time making actual architectural drawings!

This was a group project where we designed a building with inspiration from a picture we got, made drawings and built a model of it.



Playing with Space

During my last year in high school I drew this house in 3D using Solid Edge, and then made this physical model of it.


Fashion Design

I have been testing to design and sew clothes now and then when I get the inspiration, mostly skirts and tops. I've never sewed from pre-made patterns but instead learned what works well by testing and measuring of people or different parts of other clothes. I like it that way as it often helps me come up with ideas and solutions that I had not thought of at all in the beginning.

To the left you can see my high school graduation dress, one of the garments I really enjoyed making.



Photography of Light

I took this picture for a photography class in high-school, it is unlikely that this was the first time I was fascinated by light, it is however the first time I can remember consciously observing it, finding out how the water drops changed when viewed from different directions.